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Teachings of the Qur'aan: An-Nabaa
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Teachings of the Qur`aan


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[COLOR="Teal"]Soorah 78:21-40[/COLOR]

[COLOR="#ff8c00"]Ayub A. Hamid[/COLOR][/FONT][/CENTER][/SIZE]

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The next section describes the fate of the rebels who are refusing to believe in the Hereafter.

[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]21[/COLOR] Surely hell lies in wait, [COLOR="#4169e1"]22 [/COLOR]a home for the rebellious [COLOR="#4169e1"]23 [/COLOR]who will dwell therein for ages. [COLOR="#4169e1"]24 [/COLOR]They shall taste therein neither coolness nor drink, [COLOR="#4169e1"]25 [/COLOR]but boiling fluid and discharge of wounds [COLOR="#4169e1"]26[/COLOR] a fitting recompense. [COLOR="#4169e1"]27 [/COLOR]They never expected to be held accountable [COLOR="#4169e1"]28 [/COLOR]and rejected Our Signs as false. [COLOR="#4169e1"]29[/COLOR] While in reality We have kept a complete account of every action of people in writing. [COLOR="#4169e1"]30[/COLOR] Thus, they will be told, So taste the consequences of your behaviour, We will increase for you only the intensity of punishment.

Characterizing hell as lying in wait like a hunter, warns that the disbelievers who deny the Hereafter will fall into Hell in the same way as an animal that is not aware of the presence of the hunter falls prey to it. The difference is that the disbelievers have been clearly warned about its reality but they have chosen to ignore the warning and are assuming it will never happen or that they will somehow be able to avoid it.

Ages (Ahqaab) is the plural of Huqb, which means a very long period of time. Thus the plural implies successive units of a very long period of time (ages). The Qur-aan has defined at other places that these ages collectively will be indefinite; i.e., eternity.

The next section indicates the kind of life that will be enjoyed by people with Taqwa -- those who live their worldly life keeping accountability of the Hereafter in mind and striving to maximize the pleasure of Allaah Subhaanahu wa Ta`aala, while staying away from anything that displeases Him.

[COLOR="#4169e1"]31[/COLOR] On the other hand, for people with Taqwa[1] there will be ultimate success [COLOR="#4169e1"]32[/COLOR] gardens and vineyards, [COLOR="#4169e1"]33[/COLOR] curvaceous and youthful maidens, of equal age, [COLOR="#4169e1"]34[/COLOR] and brimming glasses. [COLOR="#4169e1"]35[/COLOR] They will not hear therein any vain words nor falsehood. [COLOR="#4169e1"]36[/COLOR] This performance- based reward being the recompense from your Lord [COLOR="#4169e1"]37[/COLOR] the Lord of the heavens and the earth and what is between them, the Most Gracious, with whom the disbelievers or their assumed gods will not be able to converse.

The sentence They will not hear therein any vain words nor falsehood makes two significant points: Firstly, the drinks of Jannah (the Gardens) will not be like the alcoholic drinks of this world that overpower human consciousness and sensibility, causing people to use foul language or say inappropriate things. Secondly, the residents of Jannah will not only enjoy all kinds of physical comforts and bounties, but will also be totally free from any kind of psychological discomfort because they will never encounter any words that may cause discomfort or ill will.

The description of signs of Allaah, Jahannam (Hell) and Jannah (Gardens), in the four sections above, underscores three points to help the disbelievers correct their speculative opinions about the Hereafter:

Life and death are not accidents of nature; rather they are purposeful acts of the Creator.

Death is not an equalizer; rather it is a transition to a new phase of life where the lifestyle will be totally dependent on ones performance in this world.

Being a member of a chosen race or tribe is going to be meaningless. The only thing that will matter is whether a person has been rebellious to Allaah and His Messenger disbelieving in the Hereafter or obedient to Allaah and His Messenger sall Allaahu`alayhi wa sallam in an effort to please Allaah Subhaanahu wa Ta`aala to attain success in the Hereafter.

The next section mentions the awe which every creature will be exhibiting that day. No creature, not even angels, including the arch angel, Jibreel, will dare say a word unless invited to do so by Allaah Subhaanahu wa Ta`aala.

38 The day on which the Spirit (Jibreel[2]) and the angels will stand in ranks, no one will speak unless granted permission by the Most Gracious, and he will say only what is right and to the point.

The scenario of awe in Allaah Subhaanahu wa Ta`aala on that Day has been described to correct the views of those disbelievers who think that their gods will attain salvation for them by interceding on their behalf. Note that angels were also worshipped by the Arabs as the daughters of Allaah, who, according to their belief, could intercede on behalf of their worshippers.

The last two verses invite everyone to take this opportunity to prepare for the Hereafter which is a sure, inevitable reality.

[COLOR="#4169e1"]39[/COLOR] That day is the sure reality, so whoever wants may take refuge with his Lord. [COLOR="#4169e1"]40[/COLOR] Verily, We have warned you of a soon-to-come punishment, on the day when every person will see what his own hands have sent on ahead, and every disbeliever will wish, Would that I were dust!

Finally, those disbelievers who think that resurrection is impossible once people have become dust are being told that when they see the consequences of their lifestyles, they will wish that they had remained dust, and not resurrected. But their wish is not going to change the reality.
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