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قديم 11-30-2010, 12:18 PM
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Islam Is this really the Justice of Islam


I was looking for islamic pictures online, when I found a very strange picture of a little boy with an arm under a vehicle and a man behind him, what surprised me was not the picture itself as much as what was written underneath..... Islamic Justice

Out of curiosity only, I opened the link to read the terrifying story of an 8 year-old boy in Iran, who had stolen from a grocery store, and to apply the islamic justice and punish the little boy, he had to lose his hand under this vehicle in public

My God, this was posted online for the whole world to see the islamic justice done on a child and with the largest font they wrote never to believe muslims, since this is how muslims see their islamic justic and pleasing their God and further more, the link had several pictures of how this punishment or justice was carried out, the pictures showed the vehicle moving over the boy's arm and the agony drawn on the kid's face was just horrifying

Brothers and sisters, am I the only one here who is furious and jealous for the bad impression given to the world about islam? I am sure not, but then again, I think that some people would say that whoever steals should have his hand cut according to what we know our Messengers has said, but then again, he also said to teach, love, and have mercy, and further more, to love to others what we love for ourselves, our religion is a religion of peace and love no matterwhat they try to say about us
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