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افتراضي Purpose of life


By: Khalid Yasin

All praise be to Allah and peace be upon His messenger, Muhammad.

Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon all of you, and upon all who followed guidance…

Dear respected Muslim brothers and guests,

As my brother mentioned to you I am here tonight and feeling very honored to have this opportunity to address you on this topic.
And I want to say that this is not a lecture. I don’t think that I am prepared to lecture. But it’s sort of an advice to myself
even, because I see myself sitting in these chairs in front of me.
Just a few days ago, a few years ago, just a little while ago. I was sitting right there where you are. Christian non-Muslim
whatever nationality doesn’t matter.
A human being that was not aware of Islam. And at that particular time did not really understand
the purpose of life. So with that
note I would request you to think of what I am saying to you just as information and advice not a lecture. The information which I
share with you it may seem a bit extensive, but when you consider the capacity of the human brain and the amount of information
that it can store and it can decipher. And a few pages of information tonight, I am sure it would not over-burden you. It is
my responsibility to address the topics of our discussion tonight.

What is the Purpose of our Life?
And also ask the question:
What do you know about Islam?
I mean what do you really know about Islam? Not what you heard about Islam? Not what you’ve seen in the actions of some Muslims?
But what do you know about Islam? I am honored to have this opportunity and I would like to begin by saying that all of you have
an equal responsibility. And that responsibility is to listen with an open heart and an open mind.

In a world filled with prejudice and cultural conditioning, it is very hard to find the people that are able to take a moment to
think about life ******ively and try to arrive to the truth about this world and the real purpose of our lives.
Unfortunately, when you ask most people the question: What is the purpose of our life? Such a fundamental and important
question. They will not tell you what they have concluded through observation and analytical reasoning rather in most
cases they will simply tell you what someone else said Or they will tell you what is
commonly presumed by others.
What my father said the purpose of life is? What the minister of the church said the purpose of life is? What my teachers in school said?
What my friends said? If I ask anyone, about the purpose of eating. You see, why do we eat? Everyone will say, in
more that one word or another, why it’s for nutrition, because nutrition sustains life. If I ask anyone why they work? They
will say, because it’s a necessity in order to support themselves, and provide the support for their families. If I ask
anyone why they sleep? Why they wash? Why they dress? Etc. They will answer this is a common necessity for
all the human beings. We can follow this line of questioning, with a hundred questions. And receive the same or
similar answers from anyone in any language in any place in the world. Simple. Then I ask you the question why is
it that when we ask the question: What is the goal and purpose of life that we get so many different answers. That’s
because people are confused they don’t really know. They are stumbling in the dark. And rather than to say
I don’t know they just offer any answer that they’ve been programmed to answer. Well, think about it tonight.
Is our purpose in this world simply to eat, sleep, dress, work, acquire some material things and enjoy ourselves?
Is this our purpose? Why are we born? What is the ****** of our existence, and what is the wisdom behind the creation of man and this
tremendous universe. Think about that question. Some persons argue that there is no proof of some divine origin.
There is no proof there is a God. There is no proof that this universe has come about to any divine purpose.
There are people who argue this way. And they say perhaps this world came about by chance. A Big Bang!
And this whole great world, with all its orchestrations just came together. And they argue that life doesn’t have
any definite purpose and that there is nothing that could be proven through either logic or science that there
is a God or purpose or any divine reason behind this world. Here I would like to mention a few verses from
the Quran that addresses this subject and I would like you to listen first to the Arabic. Because the Arabic, is a medicine, while
you are listening you are getting the medicine. And after that I’d offer the transliteration.

We seek the protection of Allah from every evil thing

Allah mentions to us in the Quran that to Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth and Allah
has power over everything.

Behold! In the creation of the heavens and the earth and in the alteration of the night and the day
there are indeed signs for men of understanding. Men who celebrate the prejudice of Allah standing,
sitting and lying down on their sides. And they contemplate the wonders of the creation in the
heavens and the earth with the thought Our Lord! Not for any foolish purpose have thou created
all of this Glory be to thee! Give us salvation from the penalty of the hell-fire.

Now here in these verses, Allah has mentioned very clearly to us by first drawing our attention to the creation of ourselves.
The different postures of the human body, the different attitudes of the human psychology. He drove our attention to the heavens.
The alteration of the night and the day. The firmament, the stars the constellations. And then He says to us, He has not
created all of this for any foolish purpose. Because when you see the design of it, you not the design of it is very powerful
and very precise. And something very powerful and very precise, that is beyond your own calculation and imagination it
cannot be foolish. It cannot be just thrown together. For instance, if you took ten marbles and numbered them one to ten, and
all of them were different colors, and you put them inside of a bag and shook the bag, and then closing your
eyes reached inside that bag and I told you pull out marble number one and then pull out marble number two
and then pull out marble number three in order. What’s the chance of you pulling out those ten marbles in order? Do you know
what the chances are? 26 million to 1. So what’s the chance of the heavens and the earth being thrown in a big bang and
orchestrated as they are? What’s the chance of that?

My dear respected brothers,

We have to ask ourselves, a further question. When you see a bridge, a building or an automobile you automatically consider
the person or the company that constructed it. When you see an airplane, a rocket, a satellite, or a large ship you also think
about how incredible of a vehicle that it is. When you see a nuclear plant, an orbiting space station, a super international
airport like what exists here in this country. You have to be thoroughly impressed with the engineering dynamics that
are involved. Yet, these are just things that are manufactured by human beings. Then what about the human body.
With its massive and intricate control system. Think about it. Think about the brain how it thinks? How it functions?
How it analyzes? Stores information, retrieves information, distinguishes and categorizes information in a millionth of a second.
And does it constantly. Think about the brain for a moment. This is the brain that made the automobiles, the rocket ships, the boats and the
so and so. Think about the brain and who made that.

Think about the heart how it pumps continuously for 60 or 70 years. In-taking and discharging blood throughout the body, and
maintaining that steady precision throughout the life of that person. Think about it.

Think about the kidneys what kind of functions that they carry. The purifying instrument of the body, which performs hundreds of
chemical analysis simultaneously. And also controls the level of toxicity in the content of the body.
And it does this automatically.

Think about your eyes. The human camera. That adjusts, focuses, interprets, evaluates, and applies color, automatically. The natural
reception, and adjustment to light and distance automatically. Think about it. Who created that? Who has mastered that? Who
plans that? And, who regulates that. Human beings, themselves. No, of course not. What about this universe? Think about this.
This earth is one planet in our solar system. And our solar system is one of the systems in the Milky Way. And the Milky
Way is one of the constellations in that galaxy. And there are millions of galaxies like the Milky Way. Think about that, and they
are all in order. They are all precise. They are not colliding with each other. They are not conflicting with each other. And they
are swimming along in an orbit that has been set for them. Have human beings set that into motion? And are human beings
maintaining that precision. No of course they’re not.

Think about the oceans, the fish, the insects, the birds, the plants, bacteria, the chemical elements that have not been discovered
and cannot be detected even with the most sophisticated instruments. Yet each one of them has a law that they follow. Did
all this synchronization, balance, harmony, variation, design, maintenance, operation and infinite numeration, did this
happen by chance? And also, do these things function perpetually and perfectly also by chance. And do they keep
on reproducing themselves and maintaining themselves also by chance? No, of course not. That would be totally illogical and
foolish to think and in the least it would indicate however it came to be, it is totally outside of the human capability. We would all agree to that.

The Bee. The Almighty Power, God, the Creator who has the knowledge to design, to proportion. Who has created all of this
and is responsible for maintaining all of this. He is the only one that is deserving our praise and gratitude. If I gave each
one of you a hundred dollars, for no reason, just for coming here. You would at least say thank you. What about your eyes?
Your kidney? Your brain? Your life? Your breath? Your children? What about that? Who gave you that? Is He not worthy of praise and thanks?! Is He not worthy of your worship and recognition? My Brothers, that in a nut****l is the purpose and the goal of this life.
Allah (Subhanahu wa Taala) said to us in the quran:

I have not created the Jinn the spirits nor the human beings for any other purpose except to worship Me.

This is what the Almighty says. So our purpose in this life is to recognize the Creator, to be grateful to the Creator, to worship the
Creator, to surrender ourselves to the Creator, and to obey the laws that He has determined for us. In a nut****l, it means worship.
This is our purpose on this life. And whatever we do in the course of that worship. That system the eating, the drinking,
the dressing, the working, the enjoying between the life and the death. All of this is just consequential but we have been
created for worship: that’s the purpose of our life.

I don’t think that anyone who is scientific or analytical, they won’t have much argument with that purpose. They might have
some other ulterior purpose within themselves. That’s something they have to deal with themselves and Almighty God.

To be continued


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